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My first award AND Frontpage!

2010-01-16 05:46:05 by Rooshich

My newly submitted flash Blood and Thunder! won the daily third place, which is my first award ever. Thanks for the high ratings and positive feedback everybody!

Then I log on one day and see it on the frontpage, golly gee!

I trust all me harpoons in the skye for ye!

I like how it took me three years to make another flash, damn I'm lazy.

My first award AND Frontpage!


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2010-01-16 12:27:17

Haha, at first, I wanted to make an animated version of this webcomic, but it seems that you got the leadt. :D

I'll now think of something else, or do a different version. :)


2010-01-16 13:19:17

Damn, I forgot the most important thing : Congratulations! :D

Rooshich responds:

Thanks :)


2010-01-22 19:20:37


(Updated ) Rooshich responds:

So are your Flapjack drawings, dohoho.



2010-01-23 12:12:56

omfg. this was great i must have watche dit like 5 times. what comic is everyone talking about though? i'd like to see it

Rooshich responds:

It's in the flashs author comment. :)


2010-01-23 16:38:07

You know they massacre dolphins is Sweden.

Most people in other countries think thats evil.

Rooshich responds:

No, that's in Japan.

In Sweden we have polar bears and naked ladies walking around the streets.


2010-01-24 09:51:48

Alright! Awesome! I'm very happy that your flash got an award and front paged. If ye ever need a VA for future projects, you know who ta call ;D

Rooshich responds:

Yes sir!


2010-01-25 23:02:25

Split your lungs with blood and thunder
When you see the white whale
Break your backs and crack your oars men
If you wish to prevail